Where can I set up my Ooni Pro?

Our Ooni Modular Tables are the ideal surface for firing up your Ooni! Including handy selves for your IR thermometer, cast iron and accessories! This nifty table even has space to hang your peels on the front for easy access and storage! You can find our medium table here and our large table here.

You can see Ooni Pro's blueprint here. We recommend a sturdy table that is capable of holding weights upwards from 30kg (66lbs). Wooden picnic tables are perfect. Most surfaces are suitable, including wood or stone. We wouldn't recommend using glass or plastic.


Ooni Pro should be placed away from structures and buildings and performs best when set up in a space sheltered from wind. If you are cooking on a windy day, position your Ooni Pro so that the air enters through the rear to encourage airflow.

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