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EU Order Delay December 2021

Thursday 23rd December 2021 - for orders placed prior to 13th December 2021

What has caused this?

The short version is that we’ve experienced a major service failure by our Dutch warehouse partner in dispatching orders. We had been told, verbally and through our systems, that your orders were being released to couriers for delivery. However, it has now come to light that many of these orders (or part of your total order) are actually still at their warehouse. For full transparency, you can read more about what happened below. 

This situation has been compounded by congestion in the DPD network, resulting in further backlogs and delays. 

We were clearly not given sufficient visibility over this situation. This meant that, until now, we believed that your order would be delivered pre-Christmas based on assurances provided to us by our partner.

We are unbelievably disappointed in this - ultimately, you order from us and it is our responsibility to get that order to you in full. We have let you down, badly, and we are deeply sorry.

What are we doing to solve it?

All of these orders are being re-processed by the warehouse today and tomorrow, and you should start to see movement on your tracking links as these finally enter the DPD network.

If these orders are still not identified as moving in a few days’ time via the DPD tracking links, we will resend the undelivered items in your order to you. 

What are your options?

  • Wait it out to receive your order: We hope that you are able to bear with us, and allow us to fulfil your order - we are working with DPD and our warehouse partner to identify and ship your order as a matter of urgency. 

  • Cancel Your Order: We understand that you may want to cancel your order - if that is the case, please reply to this email and our Ooni Experience team will cancel your order and refund it in full. 

    • Due to the time of year and public holidays, there will be a delay of a few days in processing this cancellation and refund.

    • If your order actually arrives during that period before your cancellation is processed, assuming you still wish to cancel, please refuse the delivery. Alternatively if you would like to keep it at that point and cancel the cancellation, just let us know. 

Can I have compensation? 

  • Yes,  in order to partly make up for the serious drop in our standards of service to you, if your order is not delivered by Christmas Day,  we will offer you a gift voucher for our website for 25% of the value of your order (if you choose to keep your order).  

This was a Christmas gift - what can I do? 

  • One popular placeholder gift we have had customers use in the past is to get a wrapped up takeout pizza box for under the tree, with this Ooni Gift Certificate inside it. We know it’s not the same, and doesn’t make up for the delay, but hope it at least provides something to open and share on the big day, with the expectation your order will arrive shortly after.

We really appreciate the order you have placed with us but above all, we cannot thank you enough for your patience - we’re deeply sorry for any frustrations caused and are fully committed to ensuring something like this never happens again. We believe Ooni is about making great pizza and a community coming together to have shared experiences and create lasting memories. At one of the biggest opportunities of the year to create those memories, we fell far short. We would like to massively apologize for this poor service, it is not how we treat customers, and we hope that you are able to wait a little longer to receive your order, and will truly love it when it comes. We know we have work to do to earn back your trust and only hope you’ll give us an opportunity to show you that this is not the norm for Ooni.

Best wishes,

Greg (Chief Operating Officer) and The Ooni Team

Delay Explanation: the expanded version

There is no one single reason for this unprecedented level of delay, but because we want to be as transparent as possible, we’ve aimed to clarify it here. 

When we receive your order to our website, our systems automatically pass these orders through to our warehouse provider in the Netherlands, to pick, pack and dispatch the orders - which normally should be dispatched the same or next day. These orders are shipped with DPD (or sometimes GLS) throughout Europe, normally arriving within 1-5 days depending on your proximity to the warehouse. 

When the warehouse prepares an order for dispatch, they print and attach a DPD shipping label, which creates the tracking number for that order to go live.

That order will then be loaded into a DPD trailer, which will take it to a DPD Distribution Centre, and unload it there, where it will be scanned by DPD. At that point - you can see progress on your tracking link as it makes its way through the DPD network to your door.

However, between the tracking number being created (whilst your order is at the warehouse) and that first scan at the DPD Distribution Centre, there is a ‘dark’ period where the parcel is not tracked properly. This is what has caused the majority of our issues. 

Delays at the warehouse in preparing orders

Given the peak that occurs over the period from Black Friday to Christmas, we anticipated that there would be around a 7 working day lag at the point you placed your order until it was dispatched from our warehouse, and up to 7 further days to reach you. 

However, our Dutch warehouse partner experienced a surge in demand over the Black Friday and Holidays period, resulting in backlogs and unacceptable delays in dispatch of orders, in some cases well beyond that 7 working day expectation. There were also some instances of orders not being picked and packed and readied for dispatch in sequential order by the warehouse (First In, First Out), resulting in some orders waiting for longer periods of time than others. 

The warehouse provider also had to deal with increased COVID rates in the Netherlands, which has reduced their capacity due to absences and increased safety protocols. However, the overall performance was not to the standards we expect our customers to be provided with, and we apologise for the delays here. While the delays themselves were beyond our control we massively missed the mark in identifying this quickly enough.

DPD Capacity Restrictions

We then further had problems of delays in collection from the warehouse into the DPD network. The main DPD Distribution Center that our warehouse sends orders into is at Oirschot, Eindhoven, which is the largest DPD facility in Europe, but experienced major delays. This was due to a combination of COVID impacting on staff attendance, at the same time as overall peak demands, putting huge pressure on that DPD facility. This caused further delay in getting your orders into the DPD network, by up to a week. To counter this, for a few days we flipped fulfilment partners and many orders were shipped with GLS instead, in order to keep orders flowing. 

DPD Network Delays

It is normal at this time of year to experience slower than normal delivery, due to the sheer volumes that the couriers are experiencing. This again resulted in further delays, by days.

Non-dispatched orders

Despite the compounded delays above, we did believe that all orders were into the DPD network safely. However, we then saw that a large number of orders had tracking links that were not moving / had never received their first scan at DPD, for an unusually long time.  We believed this to be due to the congestion noted at DPD, and that they had a backlog of full trailers of orders that they had not processed. 

Following extensive further investigation, we uncovered that actually our warehouse partner had printed a material number of shipping labels (triggering the tracking links as explained above), but had never actually picked and packed some of the orders - in particular, where it was an order for an oven and accessories, they had not shipped the accessories. In our system, and in our view of their system, it appeared that the orders were complete, and with DPD, so we did not identify that they quite simply had failed us and you. The true scale of this is still being investigated to be able to identity how many of the delayed orders are due to this issue, but we do expect a significant majority of outstanding orders to see tracking movements in the next few days as goods get on their way - which will also allow us to identify if there are any other issues in the network.

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