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How do I set up and light my Ooni Pro 16?

To set up your Ooni Pro 16, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps:

1. Unpack your oven, unfold legs, insert stone and attach chimney, fuel tray, fuel grate, and door.

2. Place your oven on a surface made of stone, metal, or wood that is set up outside. Do not use your oven indoors. Tables made of glass or plastic are not recommended. 

3. Make sure to give your oven a clearance of 1 meter/3 feet on all sides and 3 meters/9 feet above the oven.

4. Gather your pizza peel, dough and toppings - your oven will be fully preheated in 20 minutes!

If working with solid fuels (wood and/or charcoal):

1. Remove the chimney cap. 

2. Open your chimney baffle and ensure that either the door with a glass pane and embedded thermometer or the pizza door is in place.

3. Place a layer of charcoal into the fuel tray through the hatch door. 

4. Add 4-5 pieces of wood. 

5. Ignite the wood/charcoal with either a gas blowtorch or matches and Ooni Premium Natural Firestarters.

If working with gas:

1. Remove the fuel tray, grate and door and connect the burner per manual instructions.

2. Connect the regulator and hose to your propane tank *This will either be a push-on fitting or a threaded fitting, depending on region

3. Open up the gas from your propane tank.

4. Find the control knob on the back of the oven. Push in and slowly turn the control knob counterclockwise until you hear a click and the burner ignites. 

5. Continue to push in the control knob for 5 seconds after ignition and then release.

*The Gas Burner for Ooni Pro 16 should run quietly when lit. If you hear a roaring noise from the gas burner, switch the gas off for 5 minutes and re-light.

When using your oven for the first time, let it run at top temperatures for 30 minutes and then cool down completely to season the oven and ready it for use.

What should I do before I start cooking in my Ooni Pro 16?

Fire Ooni Pro 16 at top temperatures (750°F/400°C) for 30 minutes without cooking. Allow it to cool fully and wipe down the inside with a dry paper towel. After this 'seasoning' process, your oven is ready to cook great pizza.

Where can I use and store my Ooni Pro 16?

Ooni Pro 16 is designed for outdoor use only. Burning propane and solid fuels indoors can cause carbon monoxide to build up to unsafe levels in enclosed spaces.

You must also leave 3 feet/1 meter of clearance on all sides of your oven and 9 feet/3 meters of clearance above your oven. This means Ooni Pro 16 will not be suitable for use on most balconies.

When your oven is not in use, use an Ooni Pro 16 Cover to keep it safe from the elements. For occasions where the weather is stronger than usual--such as periods of heavy snow, heavy rain, or extended exposure to sea breeze--bring your oven indoors to protect it.

How hot and smoky will my Ooni Pro 16 get?

Your oven will be hot to the touch, so please exercise some caution. The legs of your oven will not transfer this heat, which will keep your wooden, stone or metal surface safe. There are also cool touch points on the oven. Handles for the glass door and fuel hatch will stay cool throughout the cooking process. 

When cooking with wood and charcoal:

When cooking with gas:

  • You can expect some smoke throughout the cooking process, especially as your oven is reaching top temperatures.

  • Once your oven has reached high temperatures, the smoke should lessen.

  • You should not see much smoke at all when working with propane. These fuels will typically burn very cleanly.


How much fuel will my Ooni Pro 16 use?

Fuel Type


Solid fuels (wood/charcoal)

2.3kg/5lb for 10 pizzas

Gas (propane, butane, LPG)

0.47kg /1.04lb per hour

What kind of wood and charcoal do I need to use with my Ooni Pro 16?

For Ooni Pro 16, a combination of both wood and charcoal will give you the best results. Always use lumpwood charcoal and kiln-dried hardwoods. 

Hardwoods that are easily available are beech, birch, oak, hickory, mesquite, apple, and cherry, though this is not a definitive list! 

The photo below shows a good example of the wood size to use in your Ooni Pro 16:

Our Ooni Premium Assorted Hardwood Oak Pack contains wood in all three of these sizes. You can order this here (UK), here (EU), and here (USA). 

Does the Ooni Pro 16 work with wood pellets?

Ooni Pro 16 is designed to be used with hardwood kindling, lumpwood charcoal and gas with the use of the Gas Burner for Ooni Pro 16.* Pellets are not suitable for the fuel tray and will keep your oven from getting up to temperature. 

*Ooni used to offer a Pellet Burner accessory for the Ooni Pro 16, but the Pellet Burner is no longer available as a separate accessory. 

What kind of gas tank and regulator do I need to use my Gas Burner for Ooni Pro 16?

Your Gas Burner for Ooni Pro 16 will work with a propane tank and will come with a regulator. Propane tanks and regulators will vary across regions. 

If you are ordering a 30mBar burner, you will need to purchase your own region-specific gas hose and regulator.

Please see the charts below for more information.

Suitable Gas Tanks

Unsuitable Gas Tanks

20lb / 6-13kg propane tanks

Natural gas

Home propane hook-ups 

1lb/440g gas tanks 

Propane tanks larger than 30lb 




Canada, USA


Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey


A 30mBar regulator will not come with your Gas Burner for Ooni Pro 16. 

The range of 30mBar regulators is vast and it is currently best to allow you to choose the regulator which is suitable for use with gas tanks available to you. 

Region Specific

Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland


“Patio Gas” = propane

*if using propane tanks like the red ones in this photo, please see below for further instructions

Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland

50 mBar

If you have a 37mBar oven and you’re using a propane tank that looks like the red tanks in the chart above, you will need to purchase a POL regulator. It will look something like this. Once you have the new regulator, watch this instructional video and follow the instructions below:

1. Loosen the jubilee clips. Jubilee clips look like this:

2. Soften up the edges of the hose by warming them with a hairdryer or by dipping the hose in hot water for 10 seconds. 

3. Pull the regulator off the hose once you have softened the hose. 

4. Replace the Ooni provided regulator with the POL regulator.

5. Replace jubilee clips and tighten them so there is a tight seal around the hose and valve.

6. Do a leak test with liquid soap and water. Put some soapy water on the connection points of the hose, turn the gas on and see if any bubbles are created. If you see bubbles, you’ve got a leak. 

  • If there are bubbles, go back in and make sure to tighten the seals around the hose.
  • If there are no bubbles, you’re ready to make some pizza!

Can I use butane and/or natural gas?

Ooni gas products have been certified for use with propane, butane and a mix of both (LPG gas). Propane and butane are very similar but burn slightly differently. Please note that butane will produce a somewhat sootier flame.

  • In the US/CA, we recommend only using propane. 

  • In the UK and EU, the regulator you’ll need for butane will depend on the oven you’ve got. 

Oven Type

Butane Regulator Needed

37mBar Gas Burner for Ooni Pro

28-30mBar butane compatible regulator

30mBar Gas Burner for Ooni Pro

28-30mBar butane compatible regulator 

50mBar Gas Burner for Ooni Pro

Not certified

Ooni Pro 16 cannot be used with natural gas. If you’re interested in a natural gas option, Ooni Karu 16 can use natural gas with the Ooni Karu 16 Natural Gas Burner

What safety devices are there in Ooni gas-fired products?

Your Gas Burner for Ooni Pro 16 includes a Flame Safety Device (FSD). This device makes sure your gas burner does not continue to release gas if the temperature of the oven suggests there is no flame. This was designed and implemented to make sure that your oven is as safe as it is fun. 

If your gas burner appears to cut out when a flame is present then please contact us over at support.ooni.com. 

What should my flames look like? 

Once ignited, you can expect the flame in your oven to range anywhere between a yellow and a blue flame. Your flames should look something like the flames in this photo: 

What should I do if I’m having trouble lighting my Gas Burner for Ooni Pro 16?

The following video has a step-by-step guide for firing up and getting the best results from your Gas Burner:

Firstly, double-check that your gas burner is installed correctly:

1. Assemble and install your gas burner so the logo is facing upwards.

2. Remove the chimney cap and open the chimney baffle. 

3. Keep the door off while working with gas.

Then, walk through the following steps before trying to light your Burner again:

1. Ensure that your Gas Burner for Ooni Pro 16 is in the "Off" position.

2. Disconnect your regulator from the propane tank. Leave this disconnected for 5 minutes.

3. Check that your connections between regulator and bottle are clean and free from debris before you reconnect. 

4. Secure the connections between your regulator, hose and propane tank. Use a leak detector spray to check for any gas leaks. Or do a leak test with liquid soap and water. Put some soapy water on the connection points of the hose, turn the gas on and see if any bubbles are created. If you see bubbles, you’ve got a leak. 

5. Remove any kinks or bends in the hose. 

6. Keep your propane tank upright: If it is resting on its side, gas will not flow properly.

If those steps do not help, service your Gas Burner:

1. Clean the thermocouple at the front of your Gas Burner for Ooni Pro 16:

2. Hand-tighten the FSD bolt and then give an additional quarter turn with a wrench.

3. Open the propane tank’s gas flow very slowly. If there is a sudden rush through the regulator, this may trigger a safety valve and prevent the gas from flowing properly. 

4. When lighting your Gas Burner, push in and very slowly turn anti-clockwise. This should take 5 seconds to give the gas enough chance to flow into the burner. 

5. When you hear the *click* of ignition, continue to press the control knob for 5 more seconds.

If you can hear gas flowing, but there is no spark of ignition, follow these steps:

1. Remove your Gas Burner and adjust the piezo so that it is 3mm away from the point of ignition. 

2. Make sure it is not directly over a flame output hole but instead rests over a metal part of the Burner. You should now see a spark when you turn the control knob.

If you do not see a blue spark, you can use your matchstick holder to get fired up:

1. Light your Gas Burner with a match and the supplied matchstick holder. 

2. Turn the gas on and light by putting a lit match on the end of the matchstick holder through the front of the oven until it lights the burner.

Other top tips that can help: 

  • Use compressed air to remove any debris from the inside of your Gas Burner. 
  • If you hear a loud roaring sound, switch off your Gas Burner for 5 minutes before relighting. 
  • Do not fire your Gas Burner in high winds.
  • Keep your Gas Burner stored indoors when not in use.

For everything else, please reach out to our team for support at support.ooni.com.


How do I clean my Ooni Pro 16?

How to clean the outside of your oven:

1. Let the oven cool down completely.

2. Wipe away soot and dirt with dry paper towels.

3. For tougher stains, Bar Keepers Friend or Weiman’s Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish are great ways to clean the stainless steel parts of your oven. If you can’t find these particular products, just be sure to use a clean towel and non-abrasive cleaner.

How to clean the inside of your oven:

1. Let the oven cool down completely 

2. If you’ve used solid fuels, dispose of cooled ashes in a fire pit, compost pile or any other environmentally-friendly waste disposal option available to you

3. Use a stiff wire brush to clear excess soot from the fuel tray and grate so the perforations are free of debris. This will help with airflow for your next cook. 

4. To clean soot from the pizza door and chimney, use a dry paper towel. Avoid using water to clean the inside of the oven.

How to clean your baking stone:

1. Let the oven cool down completely. 

2. Scrape off stubborn bits of food or debris using a pizza brush. 

3. Flip your stone over and reinsert it for the next cook. The heat from the oven should be enough to burn off any remaining residue while you’re making pizzas.

Don’t worry about the stone changing color; that’s completely normal and is the sign of a well-loved Ooni Pro 16!

How long does it take for my Ooni Pro 16 to cool down?

Leave Ooni Pro 16 for a minimum of an hour or until completely cool before touching, moving or storing it.


Ooni Pro 16 Essentials Guide 

Ooni Pro 16 Dimensions & Blueprint

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