How do I ball my pizza dough?

There are lots of ways to ball your pizza dough, but here are the steps that we recommend:

Pre-dough balling checklist

When you’ve completed the above, move onto the steps below:

Step 1. Put a light dusting of flour or semolina onto your peel / surface

Step 2. Divide your dough into equal portions

Step 3. Move and tuck:

Step 4. Pinch and spin:

Step 5. Let rise 

  • Use the Ooni Pizza Dough Proofing Tray (or cover your dough balls using cling film, a damp tea towel or a lid if you’re using a proofing box).
  • Let rise for 30 - 60 minutes or until approximately doubled.

If you’d prefer to follow along to these steps by video, watch our guide below:

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