How do I use my Ooni Pizza Turning Peel?

To use your Ooni Pizza Turning Peel, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Launch your pizza using your launching peel.

  • Your turning peel cannot be used to launch your pizza, you’ll need to use a different peel.

Step 2. Hold your turning peel underneath the flames for 1-2 seconds to warm it up.

Step 3. After ~20 seconds, slide your turning peel underneath your pizza to loosen it from the baking stone.

Step 4. Use your turning peel to slightly lift up one side of your pizza.

Step 5. Pull your turning peel back while rotating your pizza in a circular motion.

Step 6. Keep an eye on your pizza and turn as necessary.

Step 7. Once your pizza is fully cooked, use your turning peel to remove it.

Tip: When turning your pizza, try to keep it as flat as you can so that it’s in contact with the baking stone for as long as possible.

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