Ooni Modular Table FAQ

What size table will fit my oven?

Both the medium modular table and large modular table can support any Ooni oven. 

How do I set up my Ooni Modular Table?

To set up your medium or large Ooni Modular Table, follow our video guide:

You can also follow the instructions in the manual:

Ooni Modular Table - Medium manual

Ooni Modular Table - Large manual

What add-ons are available for my Ooni Modular Table?

You can choose from our add-ons below:

 Connector Kit for Ooni Modular Tables

Ooni Utility Box (Large)

Spare Hook Kit for Ooni Modular Tables

Ooni Pizza Topping Station

Ooni Utility Box (Medium)

Foot Pack for Ooni Modular Tables

How much weight can my Ooni Modular Table hold?

Medium modular table
Large modular table
  • Can hold a total load of 110lbs / 50kg
  • Each shelf can hold ~35lbs / 16kg
  • Can hold a total load of 132lbs / 60kg
  • Each shelf can hold ~44lbs / 20kg

Can my gas bottle fit on the shelf?

Yes - your gas bottle can fit on the lower shelf on both the medium modular table and large modular table. 

Make sure you check your oven or gas burner’s manual to find out the minimum clearances that need to be maintained between your product and gas tank.

What is the distance between the two shelves?

The distance between the shelves can be set to 605mm. 

Depending on your preference, this can be lowered to 300mm or 150mm during setup. 

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