Why is my pizza dough sticking to the peel?

If your pizza dough is sticking to the peel when you try to launch it into the oven, follow the tips below:

1. Make sure you’re putting enough flour or semolina onto your peel and dough ball

  • For best results, use semolina.

2. Make sure your peel isn’t too wet

  • Wet peel = sticky dough.
  • Keep a dry towel handy so you can give your peel a wipe down to remove any moisture before you launch / prep your pizza.

3. Make sure your dough isn’t too wet

  • The higher the hydration in your dough, the stickier your dough will be.
  • If using a high hydration, make sure you add more flour or semolina onto your peel and dough ball.

4. Make sure you’re doing the the ‘shoogle’

  • Before adding your toppings, pick up your peel and give it a shake - your entire pizza base should move freely.
  • If any edges are sticking, add more flour / semolina underneath.

5. Make sure your toppings are kept light

  • Heavy toppings will weigh down your dough, making your dough more prone to sticking.

6. Make sure your toppings aren’t too wet

  • Wet toppings = sticky dough.
Instead of using:Use:
Regular mozzarellaLow-moisture mozzarella / fior di latte
Watery tomato sauceThicker tomato sauce (follow our Classic Pizza Sauce recipe)
Oily toppings
Toppings you’ve patted dry

7. Make sure you’re doing the ‘hovercraft’

  • After adding your toppings, lift up one edge of your pizza base and give a gentle blow of air.
  • This creates air pockets underneath your pizza and spreads excess flour to any areas that might be sticking.

8. Make sure your pizza doesn’t sit for too long before you launch it into the oven

  • The longer your uncooked pizza sits on the peel, the stickier it will get.

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