How do I launch my pizza off my peel and into my oven?

To launch your pizza, follow the checklist and steps below:

Pre-launching checklist

When you’ve completed the above, move onto the steps below:

Step 1. Put a generous dusting of flour or semolina onto your peel

  • For best results, use semolina. 

Step 2. Place your pizza base onto your peel if it isn’t there already

Step 3. Do the ‘shoogle’

  • Pick up your peel and give it a shake - your entire pizza base should move freely.
  • If any edges are sticking, add more semolina underneath.

Step 4. Add your toppings

  • Keep them light.

Step 5.  Do the ‘hovercraft’

  • Lift up one edge of your pizza base and give a gentle blow of air.
  • This creates air pockets underneath your pizza and spreads excess flour to any areas that might be sticking. 

Step 6. Launch your pizza

  • Hold your peel inside your oven just above your baking stone.
  • Shake your peel back and forth slightly while pulling it back out of the oven to slide your pizza onto the baking stone.
  • Move fast, but don’t panic!

Step 7. Use a different peel to rotate and retrieve your pizza

  • This step is only necessary if you're making more than one pizza and if you’re not using an Ooni peel.
  • Using two peels will prevent your next pizza bases from being in contact with a hot peel (hot peel = dough sticking = launching issues).
Peel #1Peel #2
Use for prepping and launching your pizzas (this peel will be remain at room temperature)

Use for turning and retrieving your pizzas (this peel will be hot from contact with the baking stone)

  • The Ooni peels, however, are not susceptible to this. If using an Ooni Peel, you can use one peel to launch, rotate, and retrieve no matter how many pizzas you make.

For more advice on how to launch your pizza, read our 10 tips for launching the perfect pizza or contact us at

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