Shipping Status: We are experiencing shipping delays across the US, UK and Europe, all associated with COVID-19 restrictions. For up-to-date information about shipping times, see our Delivery & Returns Page.

Pre-orders: If you have questions about products on preorder, or would like to know the status of a product you preordered, please check our Preorders FAQs.

Support Availability: Our team has experienced a huge increase in customer enquiries, and are currently working through a backlog of enquiries. We have quadrupled our team and overhauled our customer support process to help make sure we can get back to you faster. Rest assured if you submit an enquiry, we will get back to it.

To make sure we are getting back to the most time sensitive enquiries first, we are aiming to respond to:

  • Order cancellations/amendments: within 1 day
  • Any problems with your products: within 3 days
  • All other enquiries: within 5 days

Here are a few things you can do to help us deal with your query as fast as possible:

  • Contact us only if your enquiry is urgent, for example, if you need to amend your order, or if it’s been over three weeks since you placed your order and you haven’t received an update.
  • Please include all the relevant information when you send us your query, including your order number, country, the issue you’re having and how we can help.
  • Try not to send subsequent queries unless you’re including more information than was present in your original request.
  • If you received our automated response, that means we’ve received your query and it’s been placed in our queue. We will get back to you.
  • If you have submitted a ticket but not heard back from us, please check your spam / junk folder

DHL Tracking Issues: DHL are experiencing server issues which have affected some tracking link information. As a result, your link may read “DHL have not received this item - please contact the retailer”. If you see that, do not call DHL and please wait 2 business days (Monday - Friday) before getting in touch with our team as this is a system error and your order will still be on its way.

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