Peak Holidays Season Support

Hi there! We are into peak demand for our Ooni Pizza Ovens, and that means there are a lot of support enquiries from awesome people like you! Please bear with us during this time, as our responses will take a little longer than normal! Read more below...

Shipping Status: This is an extreme time of demand on our fulfilment network, so if you have ordered, please do be patient, as we are working as fast as we can to get your order to you. For up-to-date information about shipping times, see our Delivery & Returns Page.

Pre-orders: If you have questions about products on preorder, or would like to know the status of a product you preordered, please check our Preorders FAQs.

Support Availability: Rest assured if you submit an enquiry, we will get back to it. To make sure we are getting back to the most time-sensitive enquiries first, we are aiming to respond to:

  • Order cancellations/amendments: within 1 day
  • Any problems with your products: within 3 days
  • All other enquiries: within 5 days

Here are a few things you can do to help us deal with your query as fast as possible:

  • Contact us via our support portal, rather than emailing us - our direct email is disabled at this time, to ensure we can answer as many customers as fast as possible. This enables us to make sure we have the right information from you (including your order number, country, the issue you’re having, any pictures, serial numbers, and how we can help), and we can channel your enquiry to the right people to answer it faster.
  • Use our other resources: check out the Frequently Asked Questions and User Guides below, including our Youtube Videos, check our product Essential Guides, and ask our awesome Community for some help and opinions too.
  • Please don’t chase us with subsequent emails! Try not to send subsequent queries, unless you’re including more information than was present in your original request. if you do this, it will treat your enquiry as “new”, and therefore, it may actually take us longer to get back to you, which we don’t want! We WILL answer your original query - as long as you received our automated response from the portal, that means we’ve received your query and it’s been placed in our queue. We will get back to you.
  • Check Spam: If you have submitted a ticket but not heard back from us, please check your spam / junk folder first. If its been over 10 days, check back here for the update on our response times above, to check whether you should have been answered or not.

We MASSIVELY appreciate you all - our team has been scaled up, and are fired up, and we will get back to you all as fast we can! Thank you for your interest, and patience!

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