Wood or Gas - is there a difference?

The most important thing when making awesome pizza is reaching super high temperatures which all Ooni ovens can do - making a jaw dropping pizza in just 60 seconds!

Cooking with wood will give a subtle, wood-fired flavour. There is something special about wood-fired food - the smells and sounds can really add to the overall cooking experience.

Wood and charcoal will also provide a subtle, wood-fired flavour. This fuel source will allow for a low, slow cook - perfect for cooking beef and turkey.

Gas can also be used for a low, slow cook. Gas is a convenient fuel source when cooking recipes which require a lower, constant temperature. The temperature of your Ooni can readily be controlled using the knob on the gas burner and will not require maintenance throughout the cook. Using gas can accommodate for any cook ranging from super high temperatures (950ºF/500˚C)  to low temperatures.

Fuel choice is completely up to you and what you want from your Ooni - all Ooni ovens are awesome in their own way!

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