I can’t light Ooni Koda

If Ooni Koda is not firing, detach the hose from your propane tank and wait 30 minutes before re-lighting. If Ooni Koda does not light after doing so, carry out the following troubleshooting:

  • Ensure that your propane tank is full

  • Ensure that the connections to the propane tank and a regulator are sealed and secure 

  • Check there are no leaks in the gas hose using a leak spray or soapy water

  • Push in and slowly turn the gas control knob anti-clockwise. Keep the knob pushed in for 5 seconds after the ignition.

  • If Ooni Koda is not igniting but the gas is flowing, use a matchstick holder to light the gas. There are full instructions on how to do this in the safety manual. 

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