My Gas Burner won't light / is underpowered / switches off. What can I do?

The following video has a step-by-step guide for firing up and getting the best results from your Gas Burner:

Be sure to walk through the following steps before trying to re-light your Burner:

Firstly, ensure that your Ooni Gas Burner is in the "Off" position.

Your propane tank and regulator:

1. Disconnect your regulator from the propane tank. Leave this disconnected for 5 minutes.

2. Check that your connections between regulator and bottle are clean and free from debris before you reconnect. 

3. Secure the connections between your regulator, hose and propane tank. Use a leak detector spray to check for any gas leaks. 

4. Remove any kinks or bends in the hose 

5. Keep your propane tank upright: If it is resting on its side, gas will not flow properly.

Set up your oven for gas firing:

1. Assemble your Gas Burner so that the logo is facing upwards 

2. a: For Ooni 3, remove the door and add the scoop/cap to the chimney. Remember to remove the Flame Guard too

2. b: For Ooni Pro, close your ceiling and chimney vents and fire up with the pizza door only

Service your Gas Burner:

Clean the thermocouple at the front of your Gas Burner:

Hand-tighten the FSD bolt and then give an additional quarter turn with a wrench.

Get ready for ignition:

1. Open the propane tank’s gas flow very slowly. If there is a sudden rush through the regulator, this may trigger a safety valve and prevent the gas from flowing properly. 

2. When lighting your Gas Burner, push in and very slowly turn anti-clockwise. This should take 5 seconds to give the gas enough chance to flow in to the burner. 

3. When you hear the *click* of ignition, continue to press the control knob for 5 more seconds.

If you can hear gas flowing, but there is no spark of ignition, follow these steps:

1. Remove your Gas Burner and adjust the piezo so that it is 3mm away from the point of ignition. Make sure it is not directly over a flame output hole but instead rests over a metal part of the Burner. You should now see a spark when you turn the control knob.

If you do not see a blue spark, you can use your matchstick holder to get fired up:

1. Light your Gas Burner with a match and the supplied matchstick holder. 

1. a: For Ooni 3, you can feed the matchstick holder through the front door and hold the lit match at the point of ignition 

1. b: For Ooni Pro, you can feed the matchstick holder through the hatch at the rear of the oven and hold the lit match at the point of ignition.


Use compressed air to remove any debris from the inside of your Gas Burner. 

If you hear a loud roaring sound, switch off your Gas Burner for 5 minutes before relighting 

Do not fire your Gas Burner in high winds 

Keep your Gas Burner stored indoors when not in use

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