Can I use camping gas / 1lb propane tanks?

You can hook your Ooni oven up to a 1lb propane tank using a suitable adaptor for up to 1 hour of cooking: Perfect for camping, hiking and taking your Ooni on the go!

US Ooni
owners can leave their hose attached to the burner and use an adaptor from regulator to tank. This is a POL female thread to ACME male thread like  this one here.

UK Ooni owners can replace the hose and regulator that comes with their Burner with a hose and clip like this.

This will allow up to hook up to a 440g (1lb) camping gas tank in the UK. These are a butane / propane mix which are certified for use with Ooni gas products

For our EU Ooni owners, due to the range of different millibars of pressure used, this is a little more tricky! We would recommend checking in with your local gas specialist regarding an appropriate connection to be compatible with 1lb propane tanks.

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