⛴ The Ever Given and Suez Canal: How it affects UK Ooni Pro 16 orders placed between 25th January 17:17 GMT - 7th April 00:00 BST 2021

Monday 8th of August

The Ever Given has arrived in the UK with Ooni Pro 16 onboard! 

The next stop will be our warehouse, where our team will prepare Ooni Pro 16 orders.

Everything you have ordered will then be prioritised for dispatch and we'll send you a tracking link as soon as it has left our warehouse. 

If anything about this schedule changes, we'll reach out to let you know.

If you have any questions, you can reach us via support.ooni.com

Thank you!

Kevin and the Ooni Team

Wednesday 16th of June

An update on your order and compensation options:

You should now have received an email confirming 3 options for your order.

A) 40% store credit with Ooni Pro 16 on track to delivery in late September

B) 20% refund with Ooni Pro 16 on track to delivery in late September

C) Exchange for Ooni Karu 16 at no extra charge to you. You can find out more about the two ovens here.

If you have not received this email but your Ooni Pro 16 order is still waiting to be fulfilled, please get in touch via support.ooni.com and we can help.

Thank you again for sticking with us. We really appreciate it!

Kevin and the Ooni Team

Thursday 20th of May

An update on your order

I appreciate that this situation has been frustrating and unusual to say the least - navigating it and finding the right solution for you is taking longer than we would have wanted, and for that, I am sorry.

The Current Situation with the Ever Given / Suez Canal

As you may have read in the press, the owner of the Ever Given has declared “General Average” as a result of the claim lodged against it by the Egyptian Authorities, and the Ever Given remains under arrest in the Suez Canal, with all cargo still onboard. General Average is a complex maritime law principle, which effectively is a measure by which all those with cargo on a ship share in any loss which impacts the ship, proportionally.

The result of this is that there is a process in place to try and resolve the claim between the Ever Given and the Egyptian Authorities, and then between the Ever Given and the cargo owners to meet this. These claims involve a lot of parties, and their insurers. What is still not clear is how long it will take to complete this process, and get the ship, and its cargo, underway. This is why we have not made any promises to you on delivery times - we simply don’t know the answer to that.

Next Steps

It is still possible that the ship is going to be on its way soon, and therefore we would be able to fulfil your order in a number of weeks.

However, we are not going to rely on that, and have put contingency plans in place, with a further manufacture run of ovens which is well underway at our manufacture site, and due to complete in a few weeks time in around mid / late June.

These will then be shipped to the UK for fulfilment of your order in approximately mid/late August (depending on shipping times).

We’ve also been looking at some ways to try and thank you for your patience and make up for the disappointment and inconvenience of the delay - we’ll be able to provide a further update on this in our next email the first week in June or sooner. We hope this will be well received and show our commitment to you, our customers.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on progress - your orders are the highest priority until every single one has been fulfilled. 

Thank you again for your time, patience and passion for pizza! I know that you are excited to get fired up, and we want to make that happen as soon as possible.

If you are unable to hold out, we do understand that - please contact us via support.ooni.com, and we will of course cancel and refund your order in full.

Take care,

Kevin and the Ooni Team

Sunday 16th of May:

Sadly, we have not received an update from the Ever Given since last week. We are continuing to work on alternative options for fulfilling your order as quickly as possible. 

We'll contact you or provide an update here on the 21st or sooner, depending on news from the ship.

Thank you again for your patience,

Kevin and the Ooni Team

Friday 7th of May:

Firstly, I’d like to thank you for your continued patience as we wait for updated news on the status of the Ooni stock onboard the Ever Given. We’re deeply frustrated with the lack of progress and information being received, and can only apologise to you for this ongoing delay.

We continue to actively search for the best way to fulfil your order as quickly as possible. As progress with the ship itself has stalled, we are now looking at alternative options.

Those whose ovens are onboard the Ever Given are first in the queue and it is our highest priority to get your order to you. Please be assured that no additional Ooni Pro 16 ovens have been sold or will be fulfilled until we have a solution for you.

I am sorry again that this has happened with your order. We are working hard behind the scenes in the hopes that we could give a more significant and concrete update and I am disappointed that I haven’t been able to. That said, regardless of the progress from now on, we will keep you in the loop with a weekly update via this post (at a minimum) until this is resolved.

As always, you can reach us via support.ooni.com if you have any questions or if you need to cancel your order.

Thank you again,

Kevin and the Ooni Team

Friday 16th of April:

Unfortunately, as yet, the Ever Given remains at anchor in the Suez Canal, and has not yet moved.

The press is currently reporting that a legal dispute has arisen between the various parties involved (including the ship’s owner, the ship’s charterer, the insurers and the Suez Canal Authority in Egypt) as a result of the Ever Given’s grounding in the Suez Canal - and the resultant delays and costs incurred in order to free the vessel. It appears that the vessel is not going to be permitted to leave until this matter is resolved.

At the moment, we are still waiting to hear further information as to what happens next and when, including, most importantly, if and when the ship is likely to be able to move and deliver your Ooni.

We are optimistic that this will be settled quickly, and the ship will be able to resume its sailing, but unfortunately we have no information over and above that which is in the public domain at the moment, so timescales remain inherently unclear. We will, of course, continue to keep you updated on any developments as and when we get them, and hopefully will be able to give you a more definitive ETA of your order shortly.

Thank you again for your patience - you can always reach our team at support.ooni.com

Thursday 8th of April:

There are significant global shipping delays due to the Ever Given ship being stuck in the Suez Canal. We're sorry to say that there are Ooni Pro 16 ovens onboard and this has had a knock on effect for Ooni Pro UK orders.

What we know now:

All cargo is safe and secure onboard, including Ooni Pro 16 ovens. Greg Muir, Chief of Operations at Ooni, covered this on the news.

We are in communication with our shipping partners and are waiting to find out if the boat can, and will, continue, and what the increased congestion and delays at the ports will mean for delivery timelines.

What is next?

There are three potential outcomes we can foresee:

1. The boat is cleared to carry on, and proceeds to the ports and unloads its cargo, including your Ooni.

2. The boat is unable to continue, and requires to be unloaded. This would mean we will need to find onward transfer of our containers to another ship, to get them to you. This would add more time to the process.

3. Some sort of legal dispute emerges impacting the ship, that could cause further unknown delays.

What this means for you:

Unfortunately, there is going to be an unavoidable delay of some weeks to delivery of your order. We really can’t give you a clear ETA at this point, as we are waiting for more information and the situation to develop.

We will always ship orders first in, first out - you will not lose your place in line for Ooni Pro 16.

Next Steps

As soon as we get any indication of what is happening with the ship and the precious cargo aboard, and hopefully an estimated ETA in to the port, we will let you know via email. We will always keep you posted as soon as we have further detail.

What you can do if you this doesn’t fit in with your pizza-making plans:

Of course we hope you can hang on for your order to arrive, but if not please reach our team via support.ooni.com and we can arrange an order cancellation and full refund.

Thank you so much for your patience during this time - we will be in touch as soon as we know more.

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