Getting Uuni 2S to 500°C (932°F)

To cook a great pizza you want to have your Uuni 2S running at the prime temperature of 500°C (932°F). If you're having trouble making your pizzas in 60-120 seconds, here are a few of tips to follow:

  • Watch the Uuni 2S Lighting video for tips on how to best light it. 
  • Proper hopper level: when lighting it, you should start with the hopper at the lowest level with pellets topped up to halfway up the hopper collar. Only move your hopper up and use less pellets if it's too hot. 
  • Use good hardwood pellets. We sell a 100% oak pellet that is optimised for neutral flavour and high temperatures. It also has a low moisture content. If your pellets are old or have been kept outside in a garden shed they might've absorbed moisture from the air and are no longer efficient. Keep your pellets inside and preferably in a warm place.
  • Keep the oven door shut at all times when it's lit, otherwise the chimney won't be able to pull in air for efficient combustion
  • High winds can affect the oven's operation as it makes the air flow inconsistent. Try and use your Uuni 2S in a spot shielded from the wind and aim it so that wind is behind the oven. Heavy wind can throw the flames suddenly so, as always, be careful.
Following these instructions and using good wood pellets it shouldn't take more than 10-15 minutes to light up Uuni 2S. You'll be cooking 90 second pizzas in no time! Check out this video for inspiration.

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