How do I keep my Uuni 2S clean?

To clean your Uuni 2S, we recommend waiting until it has fully cooled before removing the Stone. Once removed, you can wipe the interior with a cloth or paper towel. High temperatures should be burning off any unwanted leftovers on the stone. 


To clean the outside, try surface wipes or spray and paper towels to wipe dry and remove streaks. 

Cleaning the Stone:

The Stone can be fragile when hot or wet. Avoid removing your stone until it has full cooled and avoid water. The Stone should be cleaning under the high temperatures of your Uuni 2S. If you need to you can scrape off any excess with a spatula or your Peel or give the Stone a wipe with soapy water. After it has been exposed to moisture, make sure you place it on a low heat in a conventional oven for a couple of hours to dry out.




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